Communications Accessories

Sigtronics Belt PTT Headset Extension Cable

Our Belt PTT Headset Extension Cable makes it possible for pump panel operators or rescue personnel to move away from the vehicle, while continuing to operate the mobile radio and maintain intercom communications (if applicable).

  • Can be used with Sigtronics' emergency headsets and intercom systems or with the Mobile Radio Interface Module.
  • Includes a standard headset jack and a push-to-talk switch mounted on a belt clip box with your choice of coiled cords.
      Model No. 900106 - extends to 15 feet
      Model No. 900107 - extends to 30 feet

Warranty: One year parts and labor.

Sigtronics Ring Bypass Cable
P/N 900109

The Ring Bypass Cable provides connection from apparatus body to turntable. It bypasses collector rings when they are not available at aerial turntable for intercom system wiring. This will allow for a jack and push-to-talk switch at the turntable and a jack at the ladder tip.

Model No. 900109 - 5 conductor, extends to 15 feet
Model No. 900109S - 6 conductor, extends to 25 feet

Warranty: One year parts and labor.

Face Mask Adapter
for Scott Con-Space® Link Device

This Face Mask Adapter allows the Scott face mask / respirator (models AV-2000® and AV-3000™) with the Con-Space Link mask microphone and speaker unit to be used with a Sigtronics intercom system.

  • Designed for the bucket position on an aerial, our adapter allows full duplex hands-free intercom communication with your Scott respirator / Con-Space Link unit.
  • No modifications necessary, no batteries required. Simply connect the adaptor to the Con-Space Link and plug the coiled cable into the intercom.

Warranty: One year parts and labor.

Contact us for information on face mask adapters for other brands and models.

Sigtronics Emergency Radio Switcher
SRS-4, SRS-6, and SRS-12

The Emergency Radio Switcher allows the crew to listen to AM / FM radio whenever intercom or mobile radio communication is not occurring.

AM / FM radio is automatically muted when communications occur, and are not be heard over mobile radio.

The Emergency Radio Switcher is great for monitoring traffic and weather reports.

Warranty: One year parts and labor.

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