Typical Engine Communications Installation

This example is for a system using a US-45S UltraSound Intercom with optional Mobile Radio Y-Adapter (if necessary) and accessories. This system will support up to 4 headset positions simultaneously, with 2 of the positions having transmit capability on one radio. One ear cup or slotted headset models are available for the driver when monitoring outside communications is desired.

To understand how these communications devices function, roll your mouse across the product names on the right-hand side. For complete product information, click on the name of the product. If you are unable to view this properly, click here to view it as a PDF diagram.

SE-9 Wireless Headset

The new state-of-the-art SE-9 Wireless Headset provides the convenience of wireless simply and easily by plugging into the existing Sigtronics intercom installation.

SE-8 Headset

The SE-8 headset features our Flex Mic Boom that rotates for use on either side of the head, and a soft headband designed to be worn under a helmet.

Portable Radio Adapter

The Portable Radio Adapter connects between a Sigtronics headset and your portable hand-held radio, and allows two- way radio communications via the headset.

UltraSound Voice Activated
Single or Dual Intercom

Voice activated, turn on instantly when you start speaking, available in single and dual radio models, compatible with cellphones. Systems are available for 4 crew/5 station to 12 crew/13 station installations.

Mobile Radio Y-Adapter

High-quality adapters that connect Sigtronics emergency intercoms and MRIM-2 to a mobile radio.

Installation Kit

Each intercom includes an installation kit with mounting boxes, headset jacks, and PTT switches.

Pump Panel Jacks

The jack at the Pump Panel is paralleled with the jack in cab. Only one headset can be plugged in at a time, either Driver position or Pump Panel.


Additional parts and accessories, including the Belt PTT Headset Extension Cable, available as needed.

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