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Headsets and Radio Interface Systems from Quala-Tel

In an emergency situation, the reliability and quality of communications is key. The headsets we recommend offer the highest state-of-the-art technology to ensure clear and reliable communications for firefighters and EMS personnel.

In choosing a headset, there are several issues to consider:

sigtronics wireless headset
Sigtronics SE-9
Wireless Headset
sigtronics headset for use without a helmet
Sigtronics SE-8
controllink plus wireless headset and transceiver
ControlLink Plus Wireless Headset
savox c500 multi-purpose remote speaker mic SAVOX® C-500
Remote Speaker Mic

Sigtronics Headsets

Sigtronics Wireless Headsets offer the convenience of wireless communication over both vehicle intercom and mobile radio utilizing noise-canceling electret microphones to assure crystal clear voice communication; microphones with "ultra-foam" windscreens to protect the mics from wind, dust, and moisture; and RFI and EMI free electronics.

Sigtronics Wired Headsets feature noise-canceling electret microphones to assure crystal clear voice communications; microphones with "ultra-foam" windscreens to protect the mics from wind, dust, and moisture; RFI and EMI free electronics; "stop-break" cables made of 105 strand, high flex, flame resistant, coated wire; and super-tough, corrosion resistant, nickel coated brass plugs. PTT or RPTT switches are available on all headsets, and models are available with either dual solid ear cups or with one ear cup hollow and slotted.

ControlLink Plus Wireless Headset

The ControlLink Plus headset and transceiver provide the ultimate true fidelity wireless solution for most intercom systems.

SpeakEZ™ Communication Systems

The SpeakEZ™ In-Helmet Communication System is lightweight, durable, easy to install and has excellent sound quality. Our bone conduction technology filters out unnecessary background noise while providing excellent audio and voice communication. The SpeakEZ™ In-Helmet Communication System is a perfect solution for fire and rescue, or other challenging environments that require a helmet or SCBA and hands free operational freedom.

SAVOX® Radio Interface Systems

SAVOX® has a proven performance in creating communications solutions for rescue professionals operating in dangerous and demanding environments. SAVOX headsets and PTT (Push-To-Talk) units are designed to enable reliable communication in situations that include high noise, extreme heat and explosive atmospheres. The SAVOX Bone Conduction Microphone and Throat-Mic Speaker Unit allow totally hands-free communication.

Quala-Tel is a leading provider of emergency communication equipment for first responders. We provide vehicle intercom systems, wired and wireless headsets, and portable radio accessories to EMS, fire, HAZMAT, rescue, and police.

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