Voice Activated Intercoms from Sigtronics Corporation

With years of experience developing the highest quality aircraft intercom systems, Sigtronics applied its advanced technology to the design of emergency apparatus intercom systems beginning in 1990. Designed and assembled in the USA, Sigtronics uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest quality and durability on the market.

Sigtronics UltraSound Voice Activated Intercom

Once connected to a voice activated intercom system, each crew member has convenient "hands free" communication using our industry leading headsets. UltraSound Voice Activated Intercom systems interface to all mobile radios.

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Sigtronics UltraSound CFR Intercom

When seconds count, clear communication is everything. Designed for Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicles, Sigtronics UltraSound CFR Intercoms enhance crew safety and efficiency.

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Sigtronics S-A-F-E Communicator

The S-A-F-E Communicator is used where there is a need to communicate on 2 radios at the same time. This allows the two command headset positions to communicate with two different agencies while also maintaining intercom capability with two additional crew members. The auxiliary input is used to monitor communications on a third radio.

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Sigtronics EAI Intercom

The EAI Intercom is designed for all fire apparatus and emergency vehicles. Systems are available in either 4 crew (5 station) and 6 crew (7 station) models.

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Sigtronics MRIM-2 Mobile Radio Interface Module

The MRIM-2 Mobile Radio Interface Module is used to connect between a single headset and a mobile radio or cellular phone. It is typically used in high noise applications where radio communication is required, but vehicle intercom is not.

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