Quality Headset Tune-Up and Repair

If your headset shows excessive wear or has static, intermittent operation, or lower than normal volume, take advantage of our headset repair services!

Our Authorized Technician will

  • Visually inspect outer hardware and ear cups
  • Perform Intercom test to check for proper operation
  • Identify the problem(s) and prepare an estimate
  • Contact you to discuss needed repairs
  • Upon your approval, make repairs using Factory Authorized Parts

In addition to repairs, our technician will

  • Clean plastic surfaces
  • Replace Ear Cup Foam and Seals
  • Replace Mic Windscreen
  • Package the refurbished Headset in sealed plastic
  • Mail it back to you

To Schedule Your Headset Tune-Up
Call 800.442.1504
or email [email protected]

Quala-Tel is a leading provider of emergency communication equipment for first responders. We provide vehicle intercom systems, wired and wireless headsets, and portable radio accessories to EMS, fire, HAZMAT, rescue, and police.

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