Brands and Models:

SAVOX Hands Free and
Intrinsically Safe Radio Interface Systems

SAVOX has a proven performance in creating communications solutions for rescue professionals operating in dangerous and demanding environments. SAVOX headsets and PTT (Push-To-Talk) units are designed to enable reliable communication in situations that include high noise, extreme heat and explosive atmospheres.

SAVOX® HC Helmet-Com Unit with
Bone Conduction Microphone

The SAVOX® HC is a compact and light weight helmet-com unit for professionals working in extreme and hazardous conditions. The SAVOX® HC provides instant, clear and reliable "hands-free" communication, increasing personal safety and work efficiency and allowing full concentration on the actual task.

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SAVOX® 400 Com-Control
Push-To-Talk Unit

The extra large Push-To-Talk button guarantees instant and secure transmission even when located inside a pocket or underneath clothing.The unique design prevents unintentional transmissions and enables mounting directly on the radio. The unit can be fastened by means of a rugged, detachable belt or clothing clip.

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SAVOX® C-500 MULTI-Purpose
Remote Speaker Microphone

The SAVOX® C-C500 is the Multi Purpose Remote Speaker-Microphone (lapel mic) that can be used with or without a headset. In addition to its internal microphone and speaker it is equipped with interface electronics and a rugged quick release jack that adapts any type of headset to your two-way radio.

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SAVOX® EC Ear Microphone Speaker Unit

The EC Ear Piece consists of a vibration sensitive microphone that picks up the voice from the cheek bone plus it is an earphone providing excellent reception, even in noisy environments. This intrinsically save unit connects to any SAVOX® com-control Push-To-Talk unit, adapting to most types of two-way radios.

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SAVOX® TC Throat-Mic Speaker Unit

The SAVOX® TC is a comfortable throat microphone/speaker combination for communication in high-noise environments and other extreme conditions. The throat microphone, softly secured by a flexible and washable neck band, is voice sensitive and needs only light pressure on the throat which makes the SAVOX® TC comfortable to wear.

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