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Sigtronics is the industry leader for emergency apparatus intercom systems. The products are designed and manufactured in the USA using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the the highest standards in quality, durability, reliability, and performance.

Sigtronics Wireless Headsets

The newest Sigtronics headset is the state-of-the-art SE-9 Wireless Headset, which provides the convenience of wireless without requiring the replacement of the existing Sigtronics intercom installation.

  • SE-9

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Sigtronics Headsets

Sigtronics headsets reduce noise levels to protect hearing and to ensure clear communication with all personnel. The headsets are light-weight and comfortable, with noise-canceling electret microphones designed for superb voice fidelity and noise rejection.

  • SE-2
  • SE-8
  • SE-11
  • SE-18
  • SE-40
  • SE-48

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Sigtronics Intercoms

With each crew member's headset connected to a voice activated intercom system, convenient "hands free" communication is provided. This feature improves safety by permitting the vehicle operator to communicate without diverting attention away from traffic surveillance. Additional safety is provided by allowing other crew members to give traffic alerts. Use of a Sigtronics intercom also saves time by enabling the officer to brief the crew in route.

  • UltraSound Voice Activated Intercom
  • UltraSound CFR Intercom
  • S-A-F-E Communicator
  • EAI Intercom
  • MRIM-2 Mobile Radio Interface Module

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Radio Adapters and Communication Accessories

To facilitate vehicle installations of Sigtronics intercoms, Mobile Radio Adapters are available for most radio makes and models. Additionally, accessories such as Portable Radio Adapters, extension cables and commercial radio monitors are available to expand the functionality of your Sigtronics communication equipment.

  • Mobile Radio Y Adapter
  • Portable Radio Adapter

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  • Belt PTT Headset Extension Cable
  • Ring Bypass Cable
  • Face Mask Adapter
  • Emergency Radio Switcher

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Quala-Tel is a leading provider of emergency communication equipment for first responders. We provide vehicle intercom systems, wired and wireless headsets, and portable radio accessories to EMS, fire, HAZMAT, rescue, and police.

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